As of today, May 8th, all of our vacation rentals are closed due to the (#@&%!) virus. But that is changing. The Enchanted Cottage is slated to open on May 15th, and the Downtown Asheville Condo is slated to open May 22nd.

We have been getting calls and e-mails from guests understandably concerned about upcoming reservations and we want to reassure everyone and to make our policies clear. First and foremost – At Banjoe Vacations we try to treat guests like we’d want to be treated. That means we will not hold anyone’s money if they are legally barred from coming. I know there are specific cancellation policies in place, and depending on which platform you used to book can change those rules. However, we will not keep money from guests who cannot come, regardless of what the cancellation policy was when they booked.


For anyone who is impacted by the quarantine, we have two options we are offering. First, we are offering guests 110% of the money they have paid as a credit towards another stay at any of our properties once things clear up (and rest assured, they will!). Just contact us and we will remove your current reservation and we can try to rebook you at a later time. If you’d prefer a refund, or if trying to rebook things just doesn’t work out, we will refund 100% of the money you paid (minus any bank charges). And let me repeat myself – we are offering this regardless of what the cancellation policy from your reservation says. 

This policy is specifically designed for people who are legally barred from travel. All other rentals will be governed by the policies in place when you booked. Please check your e-mail for information about that, or contact us and we can help you track that information down. Be well, stay safe, and we look forward to hosting you soon!

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