The days before a vacation are often filled with excitement and anticipation, but in a lot of cases, there is a bit of anxiety also, especially for the “planner” of the group. The first day of your trip can often be a bit chaotic as you spend the day traveling, rushing then waiting, and settling into your new surroundings. To ensure a seamless start to your well-deserved break, I’ve compiled a list of my top 3 tricks to make your arrival a breeze. This list will vary depending on your accommodation and means of travel but can be modified with a little creativity to work with most agendas.


  1. Plan Some Activities in Advance: One of the best ways to make the most of your first day on vacation is to have some of your activities planned before leaving home. By doing this, you can have a more stress-free vacation, knowing that your plans are already made. Research local attractions, museums, or scenic spots that you’d like to visit. Create a rough itinerary for each day but be sure to leave room for spontaneity. Hopefully the vacation rental that you have booked has thoughtful listing information and a responsive host. Be sure to ask them questions about the area. Scan their website (if they have one) or booking site listing for important information about seasonal events and activities that locals love. A lot of times the property owners or management team will have great ideas for how to experience your destination like an insider, which can save you valuable planning time. Knowing what’s on the agenda will help you kick off your vacation with purpose and excitement.


  1. Order Groceries for Delivery: This is my number one tip to anyone staying in a vacation rental. I dislike grocery shopping in general, and having to shop in an unfamiliar store does not sound like any vacation that I want to go on. In the week before your trip, plan your meals and snacks. If you don’t already have a favorite grocery delivery app, you can check with the vacation rental host and see what app is most popular in their area. Most grocery delivery services allow you to place your order in advance and schedule the delivery (be sure you have the correct address and any location information that may be important for your delivery driver). Order the groceries that you need and schedule them to be delivered right around check in time. When doing this, be sure to consider the type of property that you will be staying at, and if you are unsure about how grocery delivery works in the area, ask your host. If delivery is not available, pick up is usually an option, and still way better than having to spend your time searching grocery aisles. Ordering your groceries ahead of time ensures that you make your selections with a clear mind and will have the items that you need for your planned meals and snacks. Don’t forget your favorite beverages!



  1. Make Reservations: If you plan on dining out, especially during peak vacation times in popular areas, it’s wise to make restaurant reservations in advance. This will save you the hassle of waiting in long lines or scrambling to find a last-minute dining option. Research local eateries and make reservations for breakfast, lunch, or dinner based on your schedule. Remember, it is always easier to cancel a reservation than it is to make one at the last minute.

By planning activities, ordering groceries in advance, and making reservations, you can ensure that your first day of vacation is stress-free and enjoyable. Check back for more travel tips in our future blog posts for vacation rental guests. Cheers to a smooth start to your well-deserved getaway!

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