With the radical changes that have come on us all from the Coronavirus, everyone is scrambling to figure out what is what. As of Monday, March 30th, the entire state of North Carolina is under a ‘Stay at home‘ order. This means no vacations, and for a business with ‘vacation’ in the name, that makes things interesting.

Going forward, all of our vacation rentals will be closed to guests until at least the end of April. However, we have opened up our Downtown Asheville Condo for nurses and doctors (and their families) who, for one reason or another (like having an immuno-compromised family member at home) do not want to live at home. We are NOT charging rent. Instead, we are asking the guests to pay for the cleaning, and we are donating anything else they elect to pay to a local homeless charity (Homeward Bound). This way we can help the nurses and doctors by giving them a safe place to stay, and we are helping out the neediest in our community who are, right now, not getting much support at all.


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments, or if you want to learn more about Homeward Bound – a great organization that is actively working to eliminate homelessness!

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