If the weather comes in, and adventuring in the mountains isn’t possible, never fear. There are still plenty of things to do in Asheville in the rain. Here are my top 5 things to do that don’t involve being outside, don’t involve going to the Biltmore Estate, and don’t (necessarily) involve beer, and all are within easy walking distance from the Banjoe Condo.

Here’s our my top 5 pics:

Breakout Games

If you’ve never tried an escape room, they are super fun and a great way to stay out of the rain. Bring your friends and try to outwit the puzzles and games to see if you can escape in time. Breakout Games is right in downtown, on Patton Avenue across from Pritchard Park. They usually take a little over an hour and are a blast!

Asheville Pinball Museum

This is a great place to lose track of a few rainy hours. One price admission, and then all the pinball (and vintage video games) you can handle. Oh – and they serve beer here too!

Fine Arts Theatre

This is an old school movie theater where they show arts and independent films. They have two theaters and several showings a day, including matinees (and they serve beer too). Definitely worth a look.

Another fun way to spend some time while waiting for the clouds to clear up is to paint your own pottery. This way you can go home with a unique and self-made memento. Send us a picture of some pottery with a banjoe on it (don’t forget the ‘e’!).


Last but far from the least is to visit the art in town.

The Asheville Art Museum is still under construction (due to open soon!), but there are plenty of galleries in town too. One of my favorites is the Blue Spiral Gallery Our friend, Jeremy Russell,  who painted the large red artwork in the Banjoe Condo, has some of his paintings hanging there. 

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