The Enchanted Cottage
Pontoon Boat Rental

Captain’s hat not included.

There is no better way to see Lake Lure than by boat. This will give you the freedom to wander the lake and find hidden coves and rope swings. 

Finally, there is a boating license required by the town. Read below for more details.

Boating License Requirement

Starting this year, the town of Lake Lure has created a new boating safety course and test before you are allowed to use a pontoon boat. It is a bit of a process, but I will walk you through it.

First, you should review the safety course materials.

   Boater Safety Course

Second, you need to take the online test. Don’t worry – you get unlimited tries to get the correct answer so you actually CAN’T fail this test. When you pass the test, they will send you an e-mail showing that you passed

   Boater Safety Test

Finally, you need to forward the e-mail showing that you passed the test to the town.

They should then send you your Boating License. You will want this with you while you are out on the lake, and please bring a copy with you. We will need to verify it before we can check you out on the boat. If you need any more information, you can get it directly from the source on the town’s website.

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