Now that you’re all nice and settled in your cozy new Asheville-home, you are suddenly hit by the inescapable urge to curl up with a new book. But oh no! You are in a foreign town and have no idea where you could obtain such a desirable object. Do not fret! I am here to give you a list of the top 3 places to buy a book in Asheville.


Downtown Books and News is one of the best places in the city of Asheville to get a book for a low price. Housing mostly used books, you can find some absolute gems that are hard to find unless you have a keen eye and a hyper-active eBay profile. With many different sections, from Science Fiction to Photography, you will be able to find the book just for you. The atmosphere is incredibly inviting, the walls are stacked high with fantastic titles, and the low prices will keep you coming back for more. They even buy back used books! Located on Lexington Avenue, you can easily walk here from anywhere in Downtown Asheville. Downtown Books and News is a great and convenient place to find what you need to read in that cozy vacation rental.



Not feeling the eclectic used bookstore vibe? Look no further than the Battery Park Book Exchange. Highly atmospheric, this sophisticated bookstore holds not one but two floors full of volumes of rare and beautiful books. It doesn’t stop there, however. Housing a champagne and wine bar, you can peruse dusty tomes as you sip Dom Perignon. It sits inside the Grove Arcade, making it a fun stop along your tour of the architectural sites of Asheville. If a beautiful and rich store full of interesting and varied books is up your alley, look no further than the Battery Park Book Exchange.


Malaprop’s is easily one of the most iconic stores in the city of Asheville. Called the “heart and soul of Asheville, NC” by Ann Patchett in a New York Times article, Malaprop’s carries within it the spirit of the city. This independent bookstore is home to a host of curated books, from manuals on how to be a Jedi to memoirs on discovering lost cities. There is a whole bookshelf dedicated to books chosen by the staff of the store, marked with a distinctive “Staff Pick” sticker. And they have a ‘Blind Date with a Book’ section where you won’t know the title until you buy it. Malaprop’s also has a café, complete with espressos, lattes, hot chocolate, and delicious baked goods. This fun and quirky store is located on Haywood Street, making it an ideal stop on your trip to Downtown Asheville. If you are looking for a place to buy a book in Asheville, Malaprop’s is the one.

So, on your next trip to Asheville, before filling up on craft beer and the delicious cuisine our city has to offer, I suggest stopping by these bookstores and browsing. You never know…you just might find something that keeps you coming back for more.

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