Renting a house or apartment for your vacation is a fantastic way to explore a new area and it allows you to save money by cooking some of your own meals. But, in my mind, it comes with a serious problem, the initial planning and set-up. Nothing takes the wind out of the sails of a relaxing vacation more than stressing about getting everyone fed that first night and the next morning. I know you packed enough clothes, but did you pack the right food? And the first night is especially tough because you usually can’t check in until the afternoon. Let us show you the easy way to start a Lake Lure vacation.

We love to stay at the lake whenever we can, so we have some experience with this. First off – we do a minimal amount of shopping before we go. We buy something simple for breakfast and we bring some beer and/or wine – enough for one night. For us, we usually grab some instant oatmeal and coffee (oh yes, the coffee) for the first morning. Maybe we throw in some berries for something fresh. That’s it. We don’t do any more shopping than that before we leave.



When it is time to head to the lake, we have a whole system. The first stop is the Chimney Rock Brewery. Nothing says vacation more than sipping a delicious craft beer while sitting on their riverside deck. The sound of the river is so relaxing, and it is basically buried in the trees of the gorge. Most days the river is lazy enough to be a perfect place for big and little kids to dip their toes.

Now here is the trick – when you are working on your last beer (no rush – you’re on lake-time now), pick up the phone and call in for some pizzas from La Strada (their number is 828-625-1118). They make the best New York-style pizza in this half of the state, hands down. Once you are finished with your beer, drive the 2 miles down the road to La Strada, pick up the hot fresh pizzas and take them to the cottage. Your vacation has officially started, and you barely lifted a finger! That is the easy way to start a Lake Lure vacation.

In the morning, have your simple breakfast, sip your coffee out on the porch, and breathe in the relaxation of your vacation. NOW you can make a food plan for the rest of your stay. The Ingles Market is just down the road and is a big, well-stocked store. A big shopping run won’t feel nearly as overwhelming now, and you can be back on the water in no time. Don’t forget to use the Ingles Cards for discounts.

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